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FAQ & Tips

No additional fee for stairs, assembling, disassembling, narrow hallways, wrapping, long walking distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Reserve a Date?

To make reservation you can contact us by the phone number: (213)984-5262 or by email:

How Many Movers Do I Need For My Move?

We usually recommend 2 movers for a studio apartment or a 1 bedroom apartment. 3 movers are highly recommended for 2-3 bedrooms apartments.

Is There Any Hidden Charges?

There are no hidden charges. All information about our price will be strictly indicated in your confirmation.

Do You Charge Extra For Stairs, Elevators, Long Walking Distance?

No, we do not! SQ moving company does not charge for stairs, elevators and long walking distance.

How Can I Make My Move Faster?

To make your move fast, smooth, and efficient, we recommend prior your move to pack all small items in boxes( all kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, and items or clothes from drawers). Also, do not forget to disconnect all electronics and appliances.

Do I Have To Give Movers A Tip?

Tips are always appreciated but not required.

Some Advices

  • Pack a bag containing all essentials.
  • Group delicate items together and make sure to label them as fragile. That way your movers will know which box need extra care, and can place them in the right spot in the moving truck.
  • According to the law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous materials such as propane and other flammables and explosives.
  • Use only small boxes for books. Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Save the large boxes for things that are lighter, but hard to carry on their own. Never over pack a box.
  • Clearly label all boxes on top and sides.
  • Keep your small valuables with you. The best bet for protecting your valuables is to keep them off the moving truck entirely. That means transporting them to your new home in your car. Moving company is not taking any responsibility for lost jewelry, small electronics and other valuables small stuff.
  • As you take apart furniture and other items make sure to tape all parts to the main base.
  • Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops. Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck.
  • Tell us which item you need first at your new home and we will load it last in our truck. That way, you will not have to searching for those important item.