Best Professional Commercial Movers for Local Businesses

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Whether you are moving books, artwork, collections, or even from one place to another, we understand that it can be time-consuming and tiring to move all the stuff. And if that’s already not as easy as it sounds, think about the time and effort that you’ll have to consume when moving your business from one place to another. Here at SQ Moving Company, we, professional commercial movers, understand how important it is to be on schedule at all times, especially when handling a business.

Time is one of the important assets that we prioritize in our business, so we ensure you that your move will be completed right on schedule and with as minimal interruption as possible. We have the right equipment, tools, trucks, skills, and professional commercial movers to help your business keep moving toward success. If you are still not convinced, why don’t I give you more information on what SQ Moving Company can offer?

What are Commercial Movers?

Best Professional Commercial Movers for Local Businesses

Picture this: your own business is becoming a hit, and as time passes by, it keeps growing and growing until you have to move your business and employees into a much bigger warehouse or office where you can continue reaching for success; who’s going to help you with all the moving? It’s us, the professional commercial movers. Here at SQ Moving Company, we help every business to seamlessly move from one place to another using strategic brilliance, disassembling and reassembling offices, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your business hits the ground running in the new space.

Who is SQ Moving Company?

SQ Moving Company is a commercial movers and is a professional moving company for all your needs that is based in Los Angeles, California. We have over nine years of experience and are rated five plus stars as a moving company by our more than 6,000 happy clients! SQ Moving Company is certified by the California Public Utility Commission and Household Division with an active moving permit MTR#0192093, so we assure you that you can trust us with your moving. Check out more information about the professional commercial movers, SQ Moving Company, at our website,, and don’t hesitate to contact us at (213) 984-5262 or email us at for other concerns and inquiries.

Best Professional Commercial Movers for Local Businesses

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Why is SQ Moving Company the Best Commercial Movers for your Local Business?

There are a lot of reasons why we consider SQ Moving Company to be the best commercial movers in the market, and some are already mentioned above, but let’s add more to that.

SQ Moving Company is considered one of the best commercial movers in Los Angeles as we raise the benchmark standard from ordinary to 100%, which keeps us at the top of completion. We fulfil our commitments and take responsibility for our promises, recognizing the vulnerability that comes with transitioning from one residence to another. Our professional team will make your moving easy with our stress-free packing, safe transport, and efficient disassembling and reassembling of an office without misplacing the important documents that keep the business ticking.

SQ Moving Company has built its reputation through referrals and a dedicated customer following. We are committed to maintaining this approach and strive never to let our customers down. At SQ Moving, we pride ourselves on being the top movers in LA, and we are determined to uphold that standard.


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Jessica D.
Jessica D.
2023-04-10 21:54:24
Excellent! Have used them multiple times for large Home moves and they always do fantastic work. No surprise fees, no charges for assembly/disassembly,... read more
Debbie T.
Debbie T.
2022-12-15 14:38:26
This was the single best moving experience I have ever had, and I have had many! A crew of three showed up on time, moved swiftly and handled everything... read more
Kaori T.
Kaori T.
2022-06-26 21:28:27
Moving is a stressful event, and even hiring movers can be a little worrisome... Who will come, will they treat your items terribly, will they go slower... read more
Azi M.
Azi M.
2022-06-11 09:43:45
Moving is such a stressful and nerve-racking thing. SQ movers helped make the process feel effortless. The 2 movers showed up exactly on-time and... read more